The Best Thing that never happened to Me, Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice

The Blurb 

Everyone remembers their first love.
Holly certainly remembers Alex. But she decided ten years ago that love wasn't about mix tapes and seizing the moment - though she's not exactly sure it's about secret dates with your boss, either.

But what if the feelings never really went away?
Alex wants to make every moment of his new job count. It's a fresh start in a big city, and he's almost certain that moving to London has nothing to do with Holly. Almost.

How do you know if it was meant to be... Or never meant to happen at all? 

My Thoughts 

Alright, to be short: I loved it.

The story is great, you don’t get bored, there’s enough action to keep you reading, and what is so great with this (as it was with their latest novel, too) is that it is realistic. It could happen to you and me, and I love that. 

The characters are also very realistic: they have flaws, they are quirky, real, and you want them to be your best friends. On a side note, I want to give Alex a big hug for being who he is, and I want Holly to be my friend. I related a lot to both characters, on various degrees, which was, of course, a nice element to the story in my opinion. 

Ah, and I love Holly’s cat. 

The style is perfect, dynamic, well-balanced between action/description, and SUPER FUNNY! it’s everything you can wish for. 

I am so in love with how amazingly Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice work together, and that’s something you can find in The Night that Changed everything, too! 

So if you like books about love, growing up, confidence, living your dreams, check this book out, you won’t regret it!





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