The Foxe & The Hound, R. S. Grey

I want to thank the author from the bottom of my heart for providing me with a copy of her book. 

The Blurb 

When your life is a hot mess at twenty, it’s cute. At twenty-seven…well, not so much.

It’s just that my lofty dreams—making it as a real estate agent, paying rent on time, showering daily—have stayed just that: dreams. Oh, and love? I’ve decided love might be a little ambitious for me at the moment. Instead, I’ve settled for the two guys who will never leave me: Ben & Jerry.

That is, until Dr. Adam Foxe takes up residence as the town’s new vet.

With his strong jaw, easy confidence, and form-fitting scrubs, it’s not long before every housewife in Hamilton is dragging neglected tomcats in for weekly checkups.

Like everyone else, I’m intrigued. Even after I spoil my chance at a good first impression, he still offers me a proposition I can’t refuse: play his girlfriend at a family function and he’ll hire me as his real estate agent. Welcome to love in the 21st century.

It’s too bad I underestimated Adam’s irresistible charm and the undeniable attraction that burns between us. The day he pins me to the wall and silences me with a kiss, the line between reality and ruse begins to blur. Every teasing touch brings me to my knees. Every kiss promises more.

It looks like my hot mess of a life is about to get a little hotter.

My Thoughts 

I've had a long week. And I'm very tired. 

This book was an absolute treat for me. From page 1 until the end, I read it in one sitting and enjoyed every single words of it. 

It's my first book by R. S. Grey. And I know it's not going to be the last! I found the style so great and entertaining, all about the characters. Those characters, by the way, felt realistic and so sweet and caring AND I WANT THEM IN MY LIFE!

(Or maybe I could settle on an Adam one, you know.) 

The plot and action were inviting, because I love a good romance every once in a while. But that's the thing: I love a good romance, when it's well done. And this one is. Definitely.  It's the kind of slow-burning romance that made me rush through the pages and that drove me mad with frustration, just like an addict. Oh well.

I loved the split perspective, I loved Madeleine, I loved Adam, I loved Madeleine and Adam together, and I loved Mouse! 

Basically, as you can see, I loved everything. 

It's one of the few books this year that made me giggle out loud. 

And given the state of my life as of now, it's a great compliment, I believe.

Selected Quotes

  • "Apparently my mouth isn't connected to my brain anymore." 
  • "Hell, if all else fails, maybe I'll date Adam's mom?"  


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