12 Hours in Paradise, Kathryn Berla

Netgalley copy in exchange for an honest review. 

The Blurb 

Twelve hours, thirty-six questions, and a chance to fall in love... It's the last day of Dorothy Patmont's family vacation. Soon, she must head back to Reno, where all that waits for her is the cold and the snow. To top it all off, her brother, Chester, acted like a little jerk and ate one too many cookies from the sample jar in the cookie store. But his antics have an unexpected benefit-attracting the attention of an intriguing boy who could change her life forever. Treats can be sweet, but love is sweeter still... Arash Atkinson, fluent in four languages and an adventurous soul, is in Waikiki for a high school band competition. 

When he meets Dorothy, he realizes their time together is limited. "Come out and play," he texts her. A night of romantic adventure ensues, and Arash discovers an app that claims it can make people fall in love after answering thirty-six questions in each other's presence. With each question asked, their stories and feelings continue to unfold. But with every hour that passes they're more at risk of being found out-Dorothy, by her parents, and Arash by his school chaperone. And then Arash gets the dreaded phone call-he has been discovered missing from his room, and must return immediately. 

Can they finish the questions before facing their consequences? When time is running out, true love cannot wait. What Arash and Dorothy have is beyond special, something that comes along once in a lifetime, and begins with Twelve Hours In Paradise...but can it survive the trials of the real world? 

My Thoughts


This book seriously turned me into a grinning creature, giggling and unable to put down my kindle. 

Well, I loved the idea around the story, with a time limit and the 36 questions. Because you want to know what the next one will be. And if you want to know what they are, you’ll have to read for yourself because I won’t give them away! Truthfully, now I want to play this game with someone too.
What I loved the most perhaps was the form of the story itself. There are no chapters, and the story is composed mostly of dialogue (like, 80% I’d say). Let me tell you something: dialogue is what i live for. So this book is perfect for me. However, it’s tricky, because once you start, it’s kind of hard to stop. BE WARNED ;)

The conversation between Dorothy and Arash was intelligent, and I particularly enjoyed the fact that neither of them were judgmental towards the other. It was truly about discovering the other one, and I really enjoyed that. I love these kinds of conversations. 

Also, I loved that they completely focused on each other for a whole night.
I loved the writing too! It’s very easy to read, straightforward, sweet, loving, cute and funny. It sometimes reads like a steam of consciousness, almost! I actually wrote in my notes: “Arash speaks like a poem”. 

There’s a lot of emotional tension, and the complicity between the two characters is extremely well-built. You know where the story is going, but you still want to get there, and get there fast, because it’s so good! 

So yeah, check it out, it’s definitely worth it!

 Selected quotes

  • “An adventure doesn’t require a lot of time.”
  • “Everyone needs an anchor.”
  • “Differences are what make life interesting.”
  • “Not every gift is found in a store.”  



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